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Young man in a cooking workshop


Serving in Christ Outreach has an effective job skills training and mentoring program that help disadvantage individuals secure stable employment and integrate into the community.

We provide workforce development and workshops for a wide variety of youth in Memphis & Shelby County TN. Participants will learn basic job skills every professional needs to succeed in the workforce. 


Participants are expected to arrive on time, be present for the entire mentoring program and participate. We will implement a Soft Skills workshop were the participants learn people skills that are applicable to any job. Skills such as creative thinking and problem solving will help them to successfully interact with mentors on a daily basis. Soft skills are very important as they allow us to work well in a team. 

Serving In Christ Outreach has experienced professionals mentoring younger individuals on how to align their values, passions, talents, and goals to pursue a career meaningful and fulfilling to them. This not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also provides mentees with invaluable insights and networking opportunities. This impact equips and empowers individuals with the tools, skills, experience, and self-belief they need to thrive in the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Serving in Christ Director
Youth mentoring group
Serving in Christ Director
Youth mentoring workshop
Youth program
Youth mentoring group
One young man and three young ladies at a workshop
Youth Program Participants
Young man in a cooking workshop
Young man in a cooking workshop

Community Service Scholarship

The deadline to submit an application for the Community Service Scholarship is now closed as of April 15, 2024.

Recipients will be announced May 10, 2024.