Domestic Violence



Emotional Abuse 




Domestic Violence

Our goal is to help you deal with the realities of being in and leaving an abusive relationship. We offer free and confidential services including crisis response, crisis intervention, case management, counseling, support and even essential needs.

Clients may qualify for up to 10 individual therapy sessions. SICOM works closely with local public and private social service agencies in Shelby County to make sure its clients have access to a full range of social services that may help them in their situation.

We give information and referrals to victims, and where necessary help with setting up appointments, transportation and accompaniment.

A SICOM advocate helps victims come up with a personalized safety plan and advises them about their options and resources.

Most Common Type Of Abuse

  • Physical Abuse occurs when someone uses a part of their body or an object to control a person’s actions.
  • Sexual Abuse occurs when a person is forced to unwillingly take part in sexual activity.
  • Emotional Abuse occurs when someone says or does something to make a person feel stupid or worthless.
  • Mental Abuse can be described as acts that can cause someone to feel insulted or demeaned or wear down someone’s self-esteem.
  • Verbal Abuse occurs when someone uses language, whether spoken or written, to cause harm to an individual.
  • Financial Abuse occurs when someone controls an individual’s financial resources without the person’s consent or misuses those resources.