Free Your Mind

​Freeing Your Mind is not a thing to do. It is apart of life. To reach your full potential freeing your mind would have to be one of the very things we must attach to our everyday walk. And so once the mind is free now you have room for what’s important. Along with many of the extraordinary ways to free the mind we must consider truth and holistic practices. Sometimes it’s easier not to see the truth than to see it. In order to let go of something that was once precious to you you must rest in the presence of God. I cast my burden upon the Lord and he sustains me. You too should cast your burden onto God daily. Cast every weight and worry to God for he is bigger than your problem. Once you cast them on to God do not pick them back up. Don’t be moved by what’s going on around you. Don’t let your cares rule the ground of your heart. Choose to focus on God Let your heart meditate and dwell on God. Lord you reign and your Kingdom rules over all.

Let it Go

Speak the unspeakable. Well what is the unspeakable? It is indescribable, shocking, awful, horrific , and incapable of being expressed in words. Have you ever been torn between holding on and letting go. Never tolerate disrespect or disrespectful people. When you speak the unspeakable the less pain your body will be in. There is only so much trauma the body can take. I’ m reminded of a quote by Rumi” Life is a balance of holding on, letting go and knowing when to do which of the two. It hurts to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on”. Healthy relationships equals respect and trust. Accept the truth for what it is and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a good thing to know were you stand with someone. To know were you stand is to be certain about how someone thinks or feels about you. Sometimes it doesn’t take long for a thing to get old. I’ve learned that people are fickle and we often change our minds. Do not let anything or anyone in your life that you can not let go of. Speak truth and live free. Peace & Love